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Google Analytics is a free, easy-to-use web tracking platform which allows businesses to better understand the value of their traffic, and exposes opportunities for better engagement and conversion. By tracking both online and offline behavior, marketers can gain a comprehensive understanding of how visitors progress through the sales funnel; And it’s the first step in the process of understanding why some visitors don’t.

A properly configured digital analytics program requires planning because the data generally cannot be changed or recovered from an improper setup. We apply industry best practices to track and analyze customers. For more (the best) information on Google Analytics or to get an idea of our approach to analytics, look up Avinash Kaushik and Justin Custroni–both Google Analytics Evangelists and analytical gurus.

Avinash Kaushik
Justin Cutroni

Update, by Matthew, on 1/14/2015: I wanted to pass this article along. It’s Avinash, summarizing digital analytics, in all its glory/sillyness (in his unique style and candor).